Updated: Jun 3, 2018

Well thought out node graphs designed with proper color coded backdrops are not only a pleasure to pick up and work with but also a sight to admire when you step back and appreciate all the hard work you've put into your comp.

I highly encourage all junior artists to establish this good habit early on as it will save you loads of time in the long term just from being able to quickly glance through and diagnose your scripts.

Also, who doesn't like node graph porn?

#nodegraphporn #scriptsfromanotherdimension #dag

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Here are some handy TCL quick label expression commands that I've expanded on over the past couple years. They're great for quick glance referencing meta-data from the file location, format, resolution, localization policy, color space and frame range of a Read or Postage Stamp node's connected input.

Read (nodes):

location: [value this.file]
format: [value this.format]
range: [value this.first] - [value this.last]
localization: [value this.localizationPolicy]
colorspace: [value this.colorspace]

Postage Stamp (nodes):

location: [value this.input.file]
format: [value this.input.format]
range: [value this.input.first] - [value this.input.last]
localization: [value this.input.localizationPolicy]
colorspace: [value this.input.colorspace]

Simply copy and paste these TCL script commands into your Read/Postage Stamp 'Node -> label' tab and refresh if necessary.

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