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Nuke TCL quick label expressions

Here are some handy TCL quick label expression commands that I've expanded on over the past couple years. They're great for quick glance referencing meta-data from the file location, format, resolution, localization policy, color space and frame range of a Read or Postage Stamp node's connected input.

Read (nodes):

location: [value this.file]
format: [value this.format]
range: [value this.first] - [value this.last]
localization: [value this.localizationPolicy]
colorspace: [value this.colorspace]

Postage Stamp (nodes):

location: [value this.input.file]
format: [value this.input.format]
range: [value this.input.first] - [value this.input.last]
localization: [value this.input.localizationPolicy]
colorspace: [value this.input.colorspace]

Simply copy and paste these TCL script commands into your Read/Postage Stamp 'Node -> label' tab and refresh if necessary.

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